CSOLDE 2024第六届中国(济南)国际养老服务业展览会
CSOLDE 2024 sixth China (Jinan) International Old-age Services Exhibition

2024年05月27-29日       济南黄河国际会展中心


今天是2024年06月14日,距离开幕还有 -19 天



CSOLDE 2023 5th China (Jinan) International Elderly Care Service Industry Exhibition


Time: November 23-25, 2023 Location: Jinan Yellow River International Convention and Exhibition Center

The China (Jinan) International Elderly Care Service Industry Exhibition (CSOLDE | Shandong Elderly Care Expo) aims to build a platform for learning, exchange, and integration of the elderly care service industry both domestically and internationally. Promote the scientific development of the national elderly care service industry, promote the construction of China's elderly care service system, and improve the health, spiritual culture, and living standards of elderly people in China. CSOLDE Shandong Elderly Expo focuses on the longing of the world's elderly for a better life, committed to shaping a happy old age for the elderly. Based in the central region of China, our exhibition model, which is internationalized, specialized, and innovative, will become a benchmark for the development of the national elderly care industry. It is a comprehensive commercial trade and exchange platform that involves elderly units, association organizations, and enterprises to promote technology and services, launch new products in the market, build distribution channels, expand sales, cultivate brands, enhance brand awareness, obtain market trends, and have a deep understanding of elderly friendly development policies. It is also a one-stop platform for product buyers to purchase, acquire new technologies, and integrate information.
Elderly care services, care and accompanying health management, precision medical care
Smart elderly care, smart device medical rehabilitation, equipment and supplies
Elderly care institutions, livable real estate elderly furniture, accessible facilities
Nursing supplies, assistive aids for walking, health preservation, and catering services
Elderly care insurance, financial and financial care training, and elderly education
Vacation travel, humanistic care for the elderly of migratory birds (funeral services)
During the conference, the organizing committee conducted in-depth exchanges with industry regulatory departments and practitioners, deeply explored customer needs, combined with industry hotspots, invited well-known domestic and foreign experts to share and discuss on site, fully reflecting the platform role of academic innovation, industry development, and product exchange in the expo.

China (Jinan) Elderly Care Industry Development Forum and Cognitive Care Institution Dean Training Course
Shandong Conference on the Development of Medical and Elderly Care Integration
Forum on Promoting Development of Smart Elderly Care Technology and Application
China International Elderly Care Service Industry Development Forum

Exhibition area specification fee (domestic) fee (foreign) bare space
the measure of area
Standard booth 3m × 3m $1500, starting from 36m2, $150/m2
Luxury booth 3m × 3m $2000
Remarks: The price of double opening (corner) is ¥ 6000;

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